Ya Allah , Why ?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ya Allah
Wallahy Why ?

Im So in Painful Moment Ya Allah .
1st ~ my ex
2nd ~my besttie
3rd ~my new friend

All End Up with Failure to me .
Why Ya Allah ?
Wallahy Im Super Down .
This is A Test From You Ya Allah .
I Will Accept It As Free As A Sky .

You Can Test Me as Long as You One .
Wallahy Im Only For You .
This Painful Is Deep .
Too Too Deep .
Wallahy Ya Allah .
Please Dont Everything .
Wallahy Dont .
Im Not Strong As You Aspected.
But Wallahy Im Yours Forever .

Is This The Sign That You Already Want To Take Me Already ?
Wallahy Im 100% Ready .
Im Yours .
Anytime , Take Me Ya Allah .
I rather Be Back To You Then This Painful Moment .
Wallahy I Cried The Whole Day .
Im Not Strong , Too Too Sad Ya Allah !
Wallahy .
But This is the test from you .
I will accept it with my heart open as the whole sea .

Ya Allah.
Please Show me the Light road .
Wallahy im not strong anymore .
Wallahy please .

tired to tears anymore ya allah .
wallahy im so sad .

Wallahy I Doa everyday Ya Allah .
I know Is not Enough .
Wallahy Hope After This You Gonna Show Me The Light Road .
Ya Allah . Please ?

Inshallah .