1st Day Ramadhan .

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

salam ~

hey Ash ! =D
how r u ??
puasa x hari ni ??
me puasa la .
just got some moody story this morning.

today , 1st ramadhan right ??
tadi bgn la tido la at 7am , smyg subuh , then got class at 8am .
you know ?
i bgn2 nk smyg subuh tu , adoi . badan da x sdap la . haih , sigh*
demam teruk , batuk kering . sakettt . until now .
nak makan ubat ke ??
Puasa la cheq oi . haha , Plus ( I hate medicine , Thank you )
then im like xpa la .
take a nap jap . kul 730am bgn la .
skali ?? hmmm . it happen again plus ma body feel damn weak , terus x bgn until 8.3oam , i miss my maths class , (Again ??)
haih , sigh*
then xpa la .
sambung balik nap . letey kot . plus tgh saket2 lg kn ??
so xpa la .
continue sleepin , until 11am .
then amylea call , alawiah text and adeq misscall , thanks to them , im like dah fully awake ,
legaaa .
then reply those call and text . i g mandi and stuff . siap2 .
g my english class at 12 .
lega .

okay la .
masuk2 class , study account jap .
esok ada test , adoi . risau gak la . haih .
arap2 la boley buat .
4 chapter plak tu .
doakan i aw ash ! ??
thanks dude !
then while studyin sir dah masuk class , okay la.
we study english jap for like 30 min , then sir ari ni gla cool and awesome ,
he open his facebook and friendster in class , haha.
then he show us his pictures time dulu2 . Scandal gf , ex gf , waaa .
awesome english lecturer !
gla baek , inshallah . who knows I can score A in this subject .
Because i got a good lecturer with me . =)

then he told us about his story how he couldn't managed to meet his dad b4 his dad past away , quite sad moment tho just now in the class , but azan zohor cut the sad moment away , afta azan . Happy moment come alive again , we are like havin jokes with sir , wow . Superb nice , then today my lecturer in the good mood i guess plus bammm !
I just found out that he is just 23 . damn awesome . =)

23 plus salary more then 2k ??
okay la tuuu . =D
then class over ,
I walking back to my room , actually was planning to go to the library to study a lil bit of maths and account but my body feel to sticky , so now im in ma room .
skang nk g mandi jap .
pray , then goin to meet ma maths lecturer ,
touch up on chapter 3 "compound interest "
because next week on sunday ada 2nd quiz la bout that chapter ,
im quite blurr with that chapter .
so , nk g suruh miss K . ajar la jap g .
then apa done with ma maths .
going to library round up all my account notes and exercises .
maybe until 6pm kot .
then go mosque pray ,
bli makan and back to ma room .
bukak puasa.

gtg mandi right now , gonna update yea what happen afta this until midnight later okay ??
now is (2.30pm).
the story stop here , later midnight i update what happen from now until midnight.
take care ash !
selamat berpuasa .
salam ! =D