Barcelona make my day !

Sunday, August 22, 2010



S.T.R.E.S.S !

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Im so stress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arghhhh !

1st~ Someone Stole ma money
2nd~someone Stole ma Books
3rd~Someone used ma phone credit until rm0.00
4th~Exam is coming 5 days more !
5th~Tomorrow must submit account and maths work !
6th~islamic test on tuesday !


I Love You . =D

For Everyone . =D

From ~ Me .

exam and test week .

Look at this dungun beach ??
gorgeous kn ??
but my life here is not so gorgeous at that sea .

salammmm !
hey ash ! how r u dude ??
everything good ??
adoi , this 3 days been the most busiee~errrss day in ma life .
hahah .
adoi .study non stop !
test , test ,test !
damn !
x ready lg neh !
hahah . please dude !
pray for me okay ??
wish me all the best .
seriously .
bout the test is like no probs but stay here in ganu .
adoi no life la .
seriously .
everything is too too far.
feelin like changing campus but heyyy.
i think is okay .
just gonna be patient here.
no probs .
pray for me .
always smile to get ourself happy and cheer mood right ??
plus today im with ma old friends already back as mates !
damn happy
so no probs .
mates we are . btw , today .
i one of ma best day ever .
why ??
2nite .
2am , Xavi hernandez !
hahaha .
finally my brotha is back .
happiness in ma life is back !
hope barcaa can comeback from 2 goal down .
btw , bout my exam.
i thinking later after my break fasting going to study until 11pm .
then going to watch football .
okay ash !
see you 2morrow okay ??
hope 2morrow gonna be a bright day for me .
aminnn .

Exam !

God ! Help me .



everyone need to sleep . how bout me ?

Im totally not like this guys .
love to sleep more and the result ??
skip classes !
shit !
need to improve in ma daily life .

happy sleep day everyone .

Your Love ~ Dedicated All To Ma Mates Out there ! =D

Hey everyone !
take care okay ??? miss you guys damn much !
dedicated this song to all of yea .
nothing much from me actually .
Just focusin on ma test this week 3 test coming .
shit !
need to blow out ma mind right now .
hahah .
damn . enjoy this music .

Your Lovin Mates ~ Aiman

Laundry Day .

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Decided To Do Some Laundry Lately.

Too Many of My Dirty Rags've Piled Up In the Corner Since My Day Full With Classes .

Happy Laundry Day Everyone .

3 days more . Study aiman Study



Everybody Need Love .


Everybody need Love Right.

Wish Everyone good luck in their lovelife.

Me ?

haha , still waiting for the right one .

who ?

Only god know .

Happy Lovelife Everyone .

Touched with sharifah syamimi blog posted .

Hug Helps

when you feel lonely or you miss someone , find a friend or family member to hug . Tell them what's going on . You know , hug helps us to throw away our problem and make us feel comfort . Yea , we know that the person that we always think about is far far away from us , they might be back or otherwise but hey , we still got some mates alongside us to make us feel comfort and make us think that we are something to them so do them to us . Furthermore , the person that we are hugging right now might be the person that we always think about . Who knows , In reality world he or she might not be back to us but hey , In our dream ?
Possible . =D
Do always think about them every moment , every second .
trust me .
Same goes to them that are far far away .

Hug Helps .

Sick Again .


Gosh, I hate this.

I'm sick with the flu, stuck in the campus all alone.Mates ? Super Racism .I'm bored to death, and I complain all the time.

Life sucks when you're sick

Xavi, from Son Moix to glory


12 years ago, the old Son Moix stadium in Palma de Mallorca witnessed the debut of a young man who was to become one of the best midfielders in the world. For Xavi it was the first step on the road to success with the best Barça team in history.

Xavi Hernandez, a young midfielder brought in from the reserves, made his competitive first team debut for Barça on 18th August 1998 away to Mallorca in the Son Moix stadium. It was the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Mallorca, managed at the time by Argentine coach Hector Cuper. Xavi formed part of the starting eleven and in the 15th minute opene

d the scoring. It couldn’t have been better!


In a Barça TV programme broadcast on 25th October 2006, Xavi remembered the moment with great affection despite the fact that Barça went on to lose the match: “It was really a dream come true. The day before, Louis Van Gaal came to my room in the hotel where the team was staying and told me that I was going to play against Mallorca. I couldn’t sleep that night. It was the moment I’d been waiting for since I was a boy and now it was so close I was really nervous. But scoring the goal in the 15th minute gave me fantastic confidence for the rest of the match”.

An example for all

Xavi could hardly have imagined that 12 years later he would be an example for all young players to emulate and considered the best playmaker in world football. In the all-time ranking of competitive matches for Barça he stands second only to the great Migueli, with 527 against the legendary defender’s 553. Just 27 more matches in this season and he will take first place.


Josep Guardiola, who played alongside Xavi for two seasons and has now been his coach since 2008/09, has always highlighted the midfielder’s commitment to the team and to his team-mates even above his abilities as a player. He referred to this last May after the league match against Villarreal in the El Madrigal stadium, when Xavi had played despite the risk of injuring himself and missing the World cup: “He’s an example for all of us. Today he wanted to play and help the team despite the risk he ran of injuring himself and missing out on the World Cup. He’s an example to his team-mates apart from being probably the best midfielder in the history of the Club”.

Late recognition

IMG_0495.jpgNow in his early 30’s, international recognition has come to Xavi a bit late, but better late than never. Over the last couple of seasons he’s started to pick the individual awards that a player of his talent so richly deserves. Last year he came 3rd in the FIFA World Player awards, was voted the best midfielder in the Champions League and was included in the ideal eleven of such prestigious publications as L’Equipe and La Gazzetta dello Sport. The World of football has begun to do him justice and this year he is one of the favourites to lift the Golden Ball.

Honours galore

ZUERAS_FC.BARCELONA_-_MANCHESTER_UNITED_FINAL_CHAMPIONS_TROFEO_27-05-09_100.JPGXavi Hernandez has accumulated an amazing collection of medals. With Barça he has won a total of 13 competitions, including five league championships, two Champions Leagues, a World Club Cup and a European Super Cup. With the Spanish international team he has conquered the European Championship and the World Cup.

Thursday ? Sick .

salam , hey ash !

me again .
adoi , how r u today ??
for sure .
im not good .
today ??
totally super sick .
damn .
how should i go on with ma life here in terangganu ?
seriously .
no life .
plus some of ma mates ??
adoi .
x mcm normal mates pun.
agak racism la dude.
adoi . plus today ??
i dmam teruk la.
i got class from 8am - 2pm tadi .
English , Account and Maths .
seriously .
i skip all . Not on purpose la.
seriously .
afta sahur .
i sleep bgn2.
dah 1pm da
plus now .
my body . ??
super sick .
nk jalan ni pun x bermaya la .
how ??
adoi .
seriously im totally weak !
account test is like 2 days away .
i mcm x ready apa2 pun .
i going to take shower right now.
then pray zohor .
then try to study on ma own la in this room.
hope knowledge enter ma brain ni.
seriously im totally weak .
go clinic ??
far la syg oi .
plus , I x skip my fasting yet ni .
is okay .
tahan la .
afta break fasting .
i take my medicine .
seriously .feel totally dizzy and bla bla bla .
adoi .
is okay la .
i'll go shower and pray , then going to study .
anything i'll keep yea update okay ??
take care brotha .
salammmmmmmm .

Dedicated To Sharifah Syamimi . =D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharifah Syamimi !
hahahahahaha .
faham kan ??

Xavi Hernandez is Back ! =D


Barcelona Maestro is back !
hope you going to play 1st camp nou game vs sevilla 2nd leg this saturday.
Please brotha !
I miss So Much your 1 touch football and center midfield control !
Come On Xavi .
Play !
Will Be Supporting yea forever .

1 Touch Football forever !
Blaugrana ya Barcelona .
Ya Salam Ya Xavi Hernandez .!

Happy .

salammm .

hey ash . !
how r u dude ?
sihat x ?
dah buka puasa blum ?? haha .
oh me ?
bru je tadi .
nasi + + + and what so ever . haha .
adoi .
so hows everything today ??
good ??
oh me .?
mcm ni je la .
bru je abeh solat tadi .
uhm jap lg nk g mandi .
then nk sambung study ctu .
buat notes .
next week ??
tu diaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .test beratuq mcm nk makan nasi kandaq . hahaha .
serrr muaaa.
lecturer ??
smua for now .
sempoi !
adoi .arap2 soon lg sempoi everything goin to be .
terbaekk .
oh . mlm ni ?
nothing much la
cuma tadi ptg lepas blog you .
gla penat kot .
i tido terus .
sampai 6.30pm . then bgn smyg asar and g bli makan for berbuka .
lega la.
skang dah settle mua .
skang nk g mandi and study islamic .
my day are going good , better and awesome .
keep up with your day too okay ash ??
mlm ni if got something awesome I update dkt you .
if xda .
i tido awal kot .
okay ??
take care dude .
salammm .

Perfect Wednesday . =D

Look at her smile .
Gorgeous !

So do my wednesday today .
thank you Allah For making my Day Beautiful .

Half day Wednesday ?? So far Perfect

salammm .

heyyy Ash !
how r u dude ??
wow . Im so happy dude today .
seriously . i feel so so happy .
why ??
this morning afta blog yea.
straight away when to maths class.
you know what ?
for the 1st time . I study everything save in ma sweet brain !
haha .
im so happy .
chapter 5 maths in ma brain right now.
fully complete.
totally happy . =D

after this going to continue my way of study .
2morrow maybe goin to study with solehah in library .
yay !
cover up my account and maths .
then im in the perfect road to score inshallah fantastic grade for exam !
aminnn .

=D , wish me luck tho .
then afta maths class straight away went to english class.
english class was awesome like previous day .
done with ma english class.
now im back in ma room .
letey la ash .
maybe gonna take a nap for a moment .
later nk study islamic skit .
just take care okay ??
blog yea mlm ni .
take care dude .

When We Happy , Jump !


Don't wanna th
ink about tomorrow (Jump!)
just don't care today,
I just wanna jump
Don't wan
na think about my sorrow
Let's go

your problems
I just wanna jump
I just wanna jump

Gorgeous ! Bring me good luck okay ?

Sun Flower !
Gorgeous !
Hope My Day Going To Be Gorgeous Too .


Wednesday .

salaammm .

hey ash !
just wake up actually .
how r u this wednesday morning.
now goin to bath .
and study . test coming.
wish me luck on this day .
ya allah .
at 1st , bgn2 tadi .
happy , g bli makan for sahur .
then continue my day then tadi g bukak f.b .
adoi .
nampak this statement from 1 corner to the another corner said " relax sudeyh "
i know what that means .
so , xpa la .
should start this wednesday morning with a brilliant smile .
xnk la saket2 lg .
yea , admit la . tadi mmg painful bila nmpk that statement but now need to carry on with my life.
ramai lg yg ada dkt luar tu .
I will get someone out there 1 day if panjang umur .
smua Allah yg tetapkan .
if panjang umur and murah rezeki .
if ada , ada la .
seriously . I need someone so badly .
bukan maksud I nk back in love or what .
no no , i mean . someone to refer if got anything . any probs and what so ever .
tu je .
love ??
will come soon .
sbb b4 this dah pernah kna hit kot .
i dah pernah dikecewakan 7 times kot.
sgt2 painful moment .
paling saket ??
6th time .
adoi . 2 years and half couple and all of a sudden .
pufff .bubyeeee !
adoi . xpa la .
rezeki dia without else .
right ?
its like this actually .
skang mmg we r like gla in love . like this .like that .
actually .this can change in few second . how ??
smua ni afta study my mum said .
sbb people r waiting for good jobs.
bila da dpt good jobs then bru bley dpt good women .
why ??
bru bley bela anak org tu .
if x , nk bg dia makan apa cheq oi ??
nasi daun ka ?
hahaha .
so ash . im can smile now .
thanks mum !

and from ma besttie word .
Syed Hassan .
dia ckap .
heyy .bunga bukan sekuntum .
kalu xda rezeki dgn sharifah .
whats the probs .right ?
we r guys .still ley name our kids syed and sharifah right ??
thanks dude !
i know how you feel bila da kna dump dgn sharifah ni .
i da kna 6 kali dude .
so chill okay ??
we r in the same road .
jumpa nnt raya hassan .

so , for me .
right now .
okay its like this ash .
my family asked me to find a sharifah , ive tried my best kot .
6 kali da .
paling lama sharifah ****** but xpa la .
xda rezeki da .
i mcm bukan nk quit on sharifah .
just i rsa im not good to find a sharifah .
ye la.
sharifah ni dia nye status high and mcm2 lg .
right ?
skang ni byk gla sangkut dgn non sharifah .
so if ada rezeki dgn non sharifah .
i terima je ash . we will see how it goes la for now okay ?

skang ni yg i know.
i nk study btul2.
nk larikan diri dari terangganu ni .
ya allah .
bosan tahap ding dong.
xdak life dkt sini .
so , bila xda life .
bila bukak fb. tgk this and that .
mmg layan emosi la kn.
so , its like .
must focus study start today .
please give me strength .
seriously .
start today ,
xnak tggl prayer .
study .
relax .
tu yg paling penting .
what helps me to this ??
thanks you .

okay la .
gtg mandi ni .
4.41am now.
then nk study management .
life starts today.
doakan i tau ??
aminnn .

I think gonna be less skit in f.b da start today.
saket tau if like tgk org nye f.b and comment2 smua .
kan ??
xpa la .
cermin diri kita.
yess sudah .
wahh .sungguh handsome ni .!
hahahaha .
adoi .
okay la.
nnt anything ill keep yea update okay ash ??
just gonna blog je everyday .
relax and throw away tension .
take care ash .
salammm .
good morning .

Good Night ,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Night Everyone .
Hope 2morrow Going to be better then today .

Night Sky.

I wish I Could Touch The Sky ,
Pick A Star ,
Hold A Moon .

Im So Confused with myself .
I Need someone to guide me .

No Suprise ?

night class .

salammmmmmmmmm ,

hey ash !
how r u dude ??
tuesday ???
always gonna be bad day for me .
nothing good will come on this day .
why ah dude ??
tension duh.
hopefully wednesday goin to be bright , rise and shine .
just came back from night class .
nothing much .
studyin english , next week me gonna have some awesome test .
Account , Maths and English Group Discussion test.
seriously ?
im super not ready.
not in the mood yet la dude .
why la ??
plus today . I lost some of ma good friends .
they like , " duhhhh "
all going away from me .
hate me and what so ever ~
why dude ??
why i cant make people happy ?
i've tried ma best to hit the target but unfortunately its going wide .
shit !
my life is going bad to worst seriously ,
not only in ma normal life and study life but also in ma lovelife .
lovelife ??
empty dude ! zero gravity for sure !
need some space .
never find the right women for me .
why ??
im try to hit some bullet at some of this chicks but smua like respond empty feeling towards me.
who ??
ada la .
L*** , A***** , M*** , A*****
is not im playin boyin to this chicks . No !
im trying to love either one of this chicks but heyyy
everyone of this chicks hit me Zero !
xpa la .
for love , i nk put aside right now.
exam is coming.
tryin to focus up myself .
tu pun susah .
still cant make it .
damn I Hate this !
seriously .
adoi .
What ??
facebook chicks ??
hahaha .
lagi la susah , smua nk yg white2 skin , handsome and cute .
oh me ??
im super hot !
that why im super white right now .
hahahaha .
nahh !
is okay . =D
hope the right one will come soon .
in the mean time , i hope i would be friends with everyone .
seriously I need someone in ma life to like be ma Sunshine , my light but hey.
for now ??
zero gravity as usual .
is okay la.
we will see later okay ??
adoi . im super tired right now.
facebook pun x boley masuk .
haih sigh*
no probs .
tadi in class b4 lecturer masuk I buat my study timetable.
need to sleep early then wake up at 4am. study la.
need to follow that timetable to success in the super boring uitm dungun in terangganu
the environment is totally not ma way of living but need to adapt with this situation tho .
okay la ash , gtg
nk get a rest .
wish me luck .
gonna blog yea 2morrow okay ?
take dude .
salam ! night =D

Where is the Light ??

show me the light .
Please ?

Tuesday , Messy .

salammmmmmmmmm .

ash .
why ash why ??
everyday tuesday gonna be the worst day ever in my life .
why ???
today i help mimi in her probs but is this karma ??
pufff .
she okay with her probs dah and all of a sudden I plak lost a friends.
damn !
plus today i hurt a gurl a.k.a one of ma good friend .
damn !
why ??
i never can make people happy ke ??
plus test is like 5 days away and im like superrrr not readyyy !

take care ash !

Good Morning .

Good Morning.

Hope Today Is The Day That Start Everything New In My Life .
Please , I Hope Today Is The Day .

Good Morning .


empty and dark .

Empty .
Alone .
Where my Star ?
life getting tough , hard and bored .
Need Something to get me up straight.
I wish i will find that whatever it is soon .
please . show me that thing.
adoi .
life ?


salamm .

hey ash !
tonight i feel so alone , empty and everything goin dark .
why ??
where is my star in the sky ?

take care ash .
salam .
hope tomorrow will be better .

16 august , today .

Monday, August 16, 2010

salammm !

how r u ash !?
good ?
haha .me good as usual .
oh today ?
nothing much la.
tadi lepas sahur .
tido .then bgn at 9am .
siap2 smua g kelas management .
for the 1st time i masuk kelas management ada lecturer and kitaorg bru je abeh study chapter 1.
haha .kelas lain dah sampai chapter 5 da .
adoi . kna study sendri la jawapan dia .
haha .pastu lepas kelas management tadi kitaorg ada kelas english .
adoi , tgh2 belajr tu .
boley plak i nye sir tu tnya pasal i dah couple dgn ex i brapa lama dulu . hahaha
. gentle satu kelas smua tgk .
gla ka apa .
adoiyaii !
then ckap je la.
2 tahun setengah . haha
smua org mcm .
fuhyooo !
dgn sapa sapa sapa ??
hahah .i ckap
in ur dream la korang nk tau nama dia sapa .
hahah .
adoi diorg men teka2 plak .
sharifah ni mesti .
i ckap yup !
diorg ckap sharifah apa ?
i ckap sharifah xtau . hahaah .
adoi .
then lepas2 class english tu .
dah settle smua .
skang im in my room la.
lepak2 .
ingat nk study . tapi x larat la .
panas plus afternoon ?
hell no .
then i tggu asar je skang ni
then kna g kelas balik . ada kelas co-co until 6.30pm .
malam later i update what happen okay ??
take care ash ! .
Salammmmmm ! .=D

14 and 15 August , Home Ampang and Dungun.

salammmmmmmm .
heyy ash . !
how r u dude ??
haha .im fine dude .
then lepas subuh tu . i bgn2 tido.
apa lg .
plan nk study kot .
sbb ari ahad pg ada test acc and maths kot dkt tganu .
today dah saturday .
then pa lg.
bgn at 11am.
mandi2 .
siap2 .
plan nk study la ni .
skali adoi .
apa lg , haih .
xda la .
ada je kerja nk buat.
then g ampang point jap
ronda2 .
then balik umah pun dah dkt 4pm .
then plan nk study la ni .

sumaiyah ajak lepak dgn dia .
haha .adoi xkn nk tolak kot .
sian dia .
haha . hangout je la dgn my gorgeous sista yg kecik ni .
haha .popek2.

gelak2 .
men games dgn dia .
sbb yg lg 2 org tu xda umah .
g ronda dgn my mum .

haha .
kitaorg lepak la 2 org .
until kul 7pm .
then i kemas2 barang , dah nk balik tganu kot kul 11pm .
haih xpa2 , then bukak puasa sma2 dgn my fam.
lepak2 .
then i siap2.
lepas kul 8.30pm .
my mum send me dkt stesen putra dkt the mall .
i sampai la sana .
call fura ja .
sembg2 dkt fon .
adoi . lama x dgr suara my besttie tu .
then lepas call .
apa lg .


kita shot ke starbucks !
gla rinduuu weiii .
lama gla x pekena ice blended .
then lepak la
starbucks sambil on9 f.b jap.
for 30 min .
then siap2 .
g la stesen bus putra.
x buat apa pun .
study maths skit and tggu my bus la .
dkt situ . bored gla.
stay situ for 1 hour.
nothing much la .
just lepak je la
until time . i nek la bus.
adoi . awal2 at our 1st stesen .
ingat i duk sorang aw ?
seat tepi i ni kosong je .
adoi . you know what ??
b4 masuk highway.
ada lg 1 stop , dia berhenti ada org nek la
then apa lg .
ada this couple yg da tunang dia nye bakal wife dtg duk tepi i .
yg hubby dia x ikut .
hantar je .
this gurl nk balik kmpg dkt ganu kot .
xpa la .
x kesah la .
then bila bus dah jalan for like 1 hour.
she fell asleep .
x kesah la kn , yg paling x tahan .
hahaha . dia tertido on my bahu kot !
im like !
WTH ! hahah . bakal tunang u nmpk ni .mmg i kna cincang 1000 ! HAHAHA
tapi masalahnye.
dia x sdar pun
dia tertido then kepala dia . senget , pufff. sandar dkt my bahu.
dia ingat bantai kot.
x kesah la .
i buat bodo je .
nk kejut kesian.
g pun dia pangkat akak to me la.
biar je dia tido .haha .
apa ash ??? lawa ke x ???
hahahah .shhhhhhhhhh .dunt ask okay??
apa ??
i ambik kesempatan ??
ketuk kepala you bru tau ash !
hahaha .mana da .
then .
bila 30 min b4 sampai r&r . haaaaaa
perut i duk buat gila daaa.
mcm gla punya la sakettt.
adoi .sgt2 saket kot.
i tggu je .
tgu je sampai r&r .
sampai2 tu g toilet la.
then naik balik bus .
ingat nk tido , but x ley la.
layan je la mp4 .
text ??
xda xda .
x text sapa2 pun
kul 3am kot .
sapa nk text ?
smua tido daaa .
hahah .xda hal la .
lepak je .
sampai la dungun.
i nek bus g balik uitm .
sampai uitm .
lega la.
i smpt lg sahur .
minum milo panas ja .
then i okay la.
smyg subuh .
ingat nk tido kot .
tapi x ley la.
kelas at 8am .
i tahan mata sampai kelas maths and acc yg finish at 12pm.
balik2 kelas tu .
mmg x pikir apa2 dah la .
zupppp !
tidoooooooooooo . hahah
bgn dah dkt 6.30pm dah .
then mandi .siap2 .
smyg asar , g bli makan for brbuka .
lepak2 .
then berbuka smua .
legaa .
then x g la smyg terawih .
x larat kot .
then study jap
f.b jap
then tido awal la .
x larat oi .
haha .
tu je kot .
take care ash .
salaammm .

13 August , Uniten Mates and Andaluss .


Salammmmmmmm !
heyy Ash .
haha .
how r u dude today ??
good ?

oh me ?
mcm ni je la wei .
bored gla life . =D
oh me ?
mcm ni je la.
haha .okay2 .
continue story . hahah .
ari jumaat tu .
lepas sahur kn i tdo ??
kejap je . until 7am , then g send i adik i skol and send amar dkt k.l central . member nak balik penang daa .
i rindu penang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sgtx3 .
trust me .raya i balik sana . nk enjoy kaw2 .
then lepas sampai2 uma . i tido terus la .
haha .skali bgn kul brapa ??
3pm .
adoi .bgn2 tu pun . gla menyesal kot .
mood down gla .
ye laaaaaaa .frust kot x dpt smyg jumaat .
then bgn2.
mandi2 .
straight g smyg johor .
then siap2 la.
pufff ! my family dah balik .
haih , i buat muka sekupang 5 deit la . haha

diorg ckap . haha .dah gerak i yg xnk bgn .
uishhhhh ! i tnjuk good dkt diorg .
kejut la sampai bgn .
smyg jumaat kott .
haha .
then diorg ckap sorry2 .
haha .xpa la .
sorry tu x ley turn back the clock .
is okay la .
then i mintak dkt my mum , nk buka puasa dkt luar today dgn my mate .
then my mum kasi .
yay !
kemana kita???
my ex Campus .
adoi .seriously . rindu gla dkt diorg .
i bawa la agar2 my mum buat and some fruits for them .
otw nk g uniten tu .
i singgah putrajaya jap sbb i mmg tau ada pasar ramadhan dkt situ .
ye la.
last year kn i stay uniten.
so tau la .
i g bli roti john n mcm2 lg .
bg meriah skit .
pastu i g la uniten .
sampai sana around 7pm kot.
tu diaaaaaaaaaa .masuk2 hostel diorg .
tu diaaaaaaaa .
walaupun i buka puasa dgn org arab , x bermaksud diorg not family .
diorg sambut i mcm family duh .
i masuk2 bawa makanan smua .
tu diaaaaaaaaa .smua kluar bilik diorg .
dtg sambut .
peluk2 .
adoi . rasa mcm family duhh.
rindu gla dkt diorg.
ahmed , saif , karam , abbas , yousif , marwan , aboot .
adoi .
ramai gla laa.
then aboot budak baru , tu diaaaaa.
dia masak masakan arab kott .
gila sdappppp !
pastu kitaorg buka tikar besar .
ramai2 makan .
buka smua makanan .
ya sallamm !
rasa mcm still study dkt uniten .
seriously .
pastu .
smyg smua .
lepas smyg.
i lepak la dkt bilik saif ash . yg len kluar .
pastu ahmed pun dtg.
kitaorg kn bestfriends.
football mates . benfica team dulu .
pastu kitaorg bukak f.b saif .
sronok2 stalker fb org len .
tgk aci cun2 .
hahaha .adoi diorg ni gla local chicks .
lg2 sharifah .hahaha
relax suruh i cari cable plak untuk diorg .
haha .byk cantik
aku pun duk single .
nk cari kat org .??
lg la kott . hahaha .serr muaa depa .
pastu kitaorg lepak la dlm bilik gossiippp dkt 1 jam kottt.
glaaaaaa best
lama kot x jumpa !
gossip bout football , chicks , life , study and everything .
adoi best la.
pastu . i g la lepak dkt bilik karam .
sebelah tu .
adoi apa lg .
gossip chicks laaa
hahahaha .dia buat statement paling x tahan .
"Aiman , you know i've been waiting in this f.b for 3 month no friend request from chicks "
hahahahahaahaha . I mcm gla x tahan kot ash . gelak glax3
hahaha .adoi .
i ckap la dia gay !
hahahaha .bodoooooo .bising gla room tuuu .
smbg pompang2 !
pastu lg ramai duk masuk bilik dia.
dkt 10 org dlm satu blik.
tgh smbg2 mcm biasa.
skali puff , terkeluar crita pasal bola . hahaha
biasa la
dlm room tu .
Barca and Real Madrid punya fans ja .
haaaaaa .abehh
startt .
tu diaaa punyaa la bergaduh kaw2 jerit2 pasal bola real or barcaa the bestttt
aku pa lgg.
join sekaki la .
hahaha .adoi .rasa mcm old time mcm time aku study dkt uniten
srnok sialll . football family .

then dah sampai masa around 11 . nk kna balik uma da .
my mum call.
pastu turun la bawah hostel
adoi , jumpa poloko , skejo , ali habba and tamil amuthan . haha
apa lg .?
gosisp lg .
haha .
member lama kot .
dlm 10 min
pastu member lg call ??
jumpa member ja.
aisyah amran ada dkt mcd bangi .
adoi i da sampai kajang .
x jadi la nk jumpa dia .
xpa la.
then i g kajang mcd jumpa apek toh seng lee .
my old and besttie .
dia dtg dgn aci dia .
aleen .
so kitaorg like smbg2 jap
popek2 jap .
haha .terbaekk .
then i balik la uma .
sampai2 umah
adoi . gelap je ingat smua da tido.
i sampai uma at 1 am .
then bukak2 pintu .
my grandpa x tido lg .
haha .xpa la .
no probs.
then dia ckap dia bru nk kluar g makan .
hahaha .i pun apa lg .
sepantas yg mgkn start lapa balik .
i ckap . jum p makan nasi arab .
hahaha . my grandpa ckap .
kat na ??
i ckap mana lg .

Mandy Lamb

Andaluss !
haha .
pa lg .
dah sampai anduluss .
dia terkejut glaaaaaaaaaaa.
uishhhhhhhh !
tempat tercorot dkt k.l .
skali manusia .
punya rmai ! hahaha
biasa la i ckap dkt my grandpa .
welcome to kuala lumpur . hahaha
ya sallam .

bila masuk dlm andaluss .
dia terkejut gla.
sampai nk duduk pun xda tmpt
i ada member dlm tu.
so , tmpt i da set da .
then duduk2 smua.
tu diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . aciiii ???
tu diaaaaaaaaa .cuci mata gla2.
hot2 kottt ! haha
lalu sini sana .
hahah .my grandpa ckap
amboii .pandai cari markettt naaa .
hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha .
adoi . i ckap dkt my grandpa.
adoi , life single.
mai sini la cuci mata . haha .
adoi .
apa bley buat.
hahaha .adoi .pastu kami order la nasi Mandy Lamb .
tu diaaa .ya sallam .
my grandpa gla skaaa !
lamb dia lembut gla kot .
knyg dia .
biasa la .
org dah berumur .
i happy if i tgk my family member ash !
then i lepak2 dgn dia until 4am .
hahaha .then balik la.
round2 .b.b jap .
haha .
then smpai la balik umah
kejut adik2 i makan , then my mum smua
then lepas kejut smua
boley plak subuh2 smua buat lawak.
haha .then at 7am .
i tido la .
tu je for now ash .
take okayy ??
salamm .

12 August , Pulut Mangga .

Pulut Mangga

Salammmmmmmmm !
Ashhhhhhhh !!!!!! how r uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ??
wallahhyyyy I miss you brothaaa !
hows life ????

yaa saaallaamm .
i miss you so much ! seriously . what ??
storyyy ??? hahaha . i have a ton of story for you . hahaha .
okay2 .
Let start from 12 August okayy ?? =D

haha .is like this .
that morning .
i bgn smua , then i when to my account and my maths class until 2pm .
hahah. seriously gila sronok gla that day , whyyy ??
bus at 2.30pm la .
goin where ??
balik k.l la ya habibi . ! sapa x sronok nk kluar dari dungun the dungeon ni . haha .
sronok gla .
then pass2 kelas tu terus i shot g main gate Uitm , then get a bus straight to bus stop dkt bandar tu .
wahhh .bila sampai tu .adoii . happy kot .
haha .1st thing that i did i when to a shop nearby bli topup maxis 10 .
ye laaa.
kang later dlm bus apa mau buat ?
kna men text2 la .
bru x boring . haha .
dgn sapa ????
ahahaha .xda sapa2 pun .
single la bro skang ni .
mna da gf . sapa la nk dkt kita ni . hahaha .adoi serrr muaa .haha .
x hansem kot . hahah. xpa la .
redha ja . haha .
klu ada yg mai bergolek sok2 ni ka .
mau kata apa ??
yaa salllaammm ! hahaha .
terbaekk !
then nek la bussss .
yaaaaa rooooooobbbbaaaaannnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! HAHAHAHA.
why ?? whyy ??
what happen ??
hahaha . I Duduk tepi Ustazahhh daaaaaaaaaaaa ! hahah .
hahahah . apa lg .
mmg dapat hidayah byk gla wei ash ! hahaha
adoii . plan dari awal trip until k.l nk dgr mp4 kot .
skali tu diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . member duk mengaji kot .
terus x jadi wei .
hormat2 .
kita pun dgr dgn silent .
waahhh . sdap sgt dia baca . =D
dapat gak pahala kot .
pastu , dia berhenti 1 stop ni .
kita g smyg smua . i g jamak la .
kn i da ley jamak ! =D
legaaaaaaaa . heeee .
then nek2 bus smula .
dia ngaji lg .
okayy laa.
i dgr jeee .relax .
yg len smua relax tido je . haha
i je yg terjaga dgn dia .
haha . Dpt Hidayah and pahala bulan2 posa ni .
aminnnnnn .
hahaha .then dia dah stop , dia tido .
haha .boley2 la kot i nk layan slow music , jiwang ke ?? no way ! haha .
musical , pop , RNB ! yeahh . goyang2 kepala skittt . hahahaah . xpa la .
ustazah dah tidoq kot. hahaha .
steadyyy . hahah .
then sampai da k.l .
cun2 .
turun2 bus .
terus g ambik tren sampai ampang .
adoi serr . sampai umah kul 9pm .
apa pun x makan lg kot .
skali tu diaaaaaaa .bukak2 pintu .
ada amar ( my cousin ) at my house and my mum .
apa lggg .
cium tgn . cium2 smua la . hahaha .
my mum kot .rindu weii . then straight away la .
x ckap byk dahh .
g dapuqqq .
buhh ! buhh !
hahaah .ambik kaw2 punya .
buhh gla2 .
hahaha .lapaq kot .
org bru nk bukak posa ni at 9pm .
mmg lapaq gla la wei .
dah beh makan smua .
kenyang alhamdulilah .
p mandi .
pastu apa lg dlm otakkk ??
cari stering kreta la . hahaha .
rindu nk drive !!!
then mandi2 , plan nk g ambik adik i tuition then .
my mum ckap dia balik lmbt skit .
okay2 cun .
then amar ajak kluaq p jumpa sepol n member2 dia.
i x knl kot ash !
tapi xpa la .
cari member baru .
follow je lepak .
then p la jumpa2 smua dkt kmpg baru .
steadyy .pekena apa ?
pulut mangga .
x pernah try . tu diaaa .
skali try . tu diaa.
sdap gla wei .
seriously .
best gla .
then lepas makan tu .
fuhh .
sapa ada dpn mata ?
kak yana fala fala la .
my gorgeous yg knal thru f.b ja .
skali , tu diaa.
knal dpn2 mata .
legaa .
she is so gorgeous and so so nice !
so , dpt lg kawan bru and her friends too .
best2 .
then almost 10.30pm .
i g ambik adik tuition dkt tmn melawati .

lepas ambik adik i .
dia ckap dia lapar.
kitaorg p pekena burger boekk punyaa ! haha
pastu lepas makan burger , lepak mcd .
makan lg . hahah .mmg kaw2 khatam makan ni .
lepas rindu kaw2 .
then lepas lepak mcd .
p bli air lg .
adoi .besttttttt .
then balik umah dkt 1am . haha
my mum apa lg .
" ampa p manaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa ??? "
hahahaha . kitaorg gelak2 .
haha .then my mum gelak2 .
adoi .best gla .
then sampai uma .
lepak2 .
bukak lappy jap.
baring2 dgr lagu skali .
pon pon !
bunyi hon kreta ?
sapa dtg ??
my grandpa and grandma pada penang !
hahaha .tu diaaaaaaaaaaa. rumah lg meriah kot . hahah
paling x tahan apa dia ??

Nasi Kandaq Hameediyah

hahaha .yaa sallaammm .
dpt makan nasi kandaq .
mmg toksah duk kata apa dah la .
buhhh kaw2 gla2 time sahur tuuu .
tu diaaaaaaa. best gla kaw2 punya . haha .kenyang oii kenyang .
then smyg subuh. then tido . haha

to be continue . haha .
take care ash ! .salamm .

direction for me .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

which one ?
Heaven ? Love ?beauty ? Exciting ?
Hell ? Sad ? Ugly ? Exhausted ?

Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair.

Hope Your Song Hit Me too .
Inshallah .
Wallahy Perfect song Maher Zain .

To Be Alone is To Be Different , Until When ? Let Allah Tell Me When .

Im Yours Ya Allah .
Take Me Anytime .

Ya Allah , This Happen To Me 3 Times In this 2 Month . Wallahy On Target Hit . Im Yours Ya Allah .

Im Yours Ya Allah .
I Only Can Plan , You Are the One Who Decide Everything.

Im Just Going To
~Pray and Doa
~Pray and Doa
~Pray and Doa


My 1st ramadhan was a brilliant sadness moment .
Wallahy Ya Allah , You Hit Me On Target.
Wallahy Very Deep and Pain .
More To Come Or Happiness Afta This ??

I Only Can Doa .
until when ??
WallahuAlam .
Inshallah Afta this happiness .

Inshallah .

Ya Allah , Why ?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ya Allah
Wallahy Why ?

Im So in Painful Moment Ya Allah .
1st ~ my ex
2nd ~my besttie
3rd ~my new friend

All End Up with Failure to me .
Why Ya Allah ?
Wallahy Im Super Down .
This is A Test From You Ya Allah .
I Will Accept It As Free As A Sky .

You Can Test Me as Long as You One .
Wallahy Im Only For You .
This Painful Is Deep .
Too Too Deep .
Wallahy Ya Allah .
Please Dont Everything .
Wallahy Dont .
Im Not Strong As You Aspected.
But Wallahy Im Yours Forever .

Is This The Sign That You Already Want To Take Me Already ?
Wallahy Im 100% Ready .
Im Yours .
Anytime , Take Me Ya Allah .
I rather Be Back To You Then This Painful Moment .
Wallahy I Cried The Whole Day .
Im Not Strong , Too Too Sad Ya Allah !
Wallahy .
But This is the test from you .
I will accept it with my heart open as the whole sea .

Ya Allah.
Please Show me the Light road .
Wallahy im not strong anymore .
Wallahy please .

tired to tears anymore ya allah .
wallahy im so sad .

Wallahy I Doa everyday Ya Allah .
I know Is not Enough .
Wallahy Hope After This You Gonna Show Me The Light Road .
Ya Allah . Please ?

Inshallah .

98 days ?? Dah agak ! In My dream ! thanks you for 2 days .

thank you for the wonderful 2 days
I was beauty tho ,
even it just for 2 days je .
i will remember this moment for the rest of my life .
wallahy i will .
Is not easy to forget it .
wallahy thank you .
you deserve someone better .
wallahy you deserve more .
i will pray for you .
inshallah . aminnnn !

inshallah !
thank you again .