im back

Sunday, January 30, 2011

finally im back,adoi .
lama gla kot x update .
haih .
byk gla kerja .
skang ni tgh cuti sem .
so rehat gla2 la dkt umah .
oh lega gla .
so , nothing to do .
so far , just habiskan assignment dkt umah .
chill dgn sista .
tu je la.
makan ?
x kuat pun .kalu stay dkt campus .
adoi makan terus mcm gla .
adoi , tapi skang stay dkt uma.
slow slow plak time makan . adoi . skang ni kul 12.10am .
xtau nk buat apa .
nk tido .
xda mood .
adoi , tgk la nk buat apa jap g .
orait . gtg .
2morrow going to update everything . tc people. =D
im back that is the most important .
haaa, b4 off , nk bgtau ni .
alhamdulilah .
b4 holiday ada quiz .
i score full mark for all subject .
gla happpyyyyyyyyyyyy !
tu yg balik holiday this time sgt2 relax .

2 . 1 . 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

As usual , at 6am . Me with my dad n mum straight away when to subang airport , im goin back to go tho , class goin to start today at 3.1.2011 , me n parents bfast at kopitiam in airport , the price is quite expensivf tho but we r to hungry , so ( makan saja la ) , then afta i reached tganu airport , my sweet gorgeous akak elyn dtg pick up . Im so happy tho , that is the 1st time i met her ,the we when bfast , then she send me to the bus stop , i took a bus back to dungun , then settle some hostel stuff , then am in tho , afta done everything , i went to mydin to buy some food n stationery stuff . At 10pm at night , i went to my bestie room , see him n chit chat for a while then back to my room sleep . I even didnt watch my best team in the world play yesterday . Today is my 1st day of class , hope its gona be awesome


Sunday, January 2, 2011

as usual , the new year has arrived .
2011 , wow . finally im back blogging my blog.
hi , my name is aiman .
student in uitm , haha look a lil bit awkward when type everything formal . haha
as always , im in K.L right now ,
sharp 0000 , Happy new year 2011 , where am i ?
on my bed otw going to sleep . Haha , while almost of my friends are at some awesome place waiting for fireworks , but me ? on my bed . haha
new life tho , afta im back to the real world . 1st thing to do was to login my facebook account at 2.30pm . haha , check some notification and inbox msg and puff . shower and solat , afta im done with that stuff , straight away when to K.L . Why ? shopppiinnnnnnnnnggg ! ( hahah , macam pumpuan daaa ) hahaha , seriously , need to buy some stuff for me b4 back to campus later at 6am .
finally , back in B.B . Nothing much changed but a lot of it with high tech stuff . In bukit bintang today i saw goldman and greenman . they are standing in bukit bintang doing some show for the audience .
awesome !
then I walk to . Bought some new clothes . then straight to Times Square Checkout whats new there but actually , nothing much had change tho . So , afta im done with my shopping . Back to k.l.c.c where i park my car there then straight away back to ampang .
Otw back home , Haziq call . ( ask me nk go lepak or not ) then im like , jom la lepak . then we all go lepak at subang , Canai Cafe .
Then i called Ainy arrifin to join us . We had a nice conversation , Haziq get to know my new friend haziq , we laughed , we jokes all around until 2am . haha , then im back home in front of this P.c typing this 1st post . that all for today , need to pack my stuff , later flight at 7am going Tganu . Back to my campus tho . Study time .
tomorrow will be better then today . =D see yea .