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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hug Helps

when you feel lonely or you miss someone , find a friend or family member to hug . Tell them what's going on . You know , hug helps us to throw away our problem and make us feel comfort . Yea , we know that the person that we always think about is far far away from us , they might be back or otherwise but hey , we still got some mates alongside us to make us feel comfort and make us think that we are something to them so do them to us . Furthermore , the person that we are hugging right now might be the person that we always think about . Who knows , In reality world he or she might not be back to us but hey , In our dream ?
Possible . =D
Do always think about them every moment , every second .
trust me .
Same goes to them that are far far away .

Hug Helps .