Half day Wednesday ?? So far Perfect

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

salammm .

heyyy Ash !
how r u dude ??
wow . Im so happy dude today .
seriously . i feel so so happy .
why ??
this morning afta blog yea.
straight away when to maths class.
you know what ?
for the 1st time . I study everything save in ma sweet brain !
haha .
im so happy .
chapter 5 maths in ma brain right now.
fully complete.
totally happy . =D

after this going to continue my way of study .
2morrow maybe goin to study with solehah in library .
yay !
cover up my account and maths .
then im in the perfect road to score inshallah fantastic grade for exam !
aminnn .

=D , wish me luck tho .
then afta maths class straight away went to english class.
english class was awesome like previous day .
done with ma english class.
now im back in ma room .
letey la ash .
maybe gonna take a nap for a moment .
later nk study islamic skit .
just take care okay ??
blog yea mlm ni .
take care dude .