Lyna Alfira , Hurts

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lyna Alfira

Thanks for the good moment friend ,
gonna miss yea so so much ,
forgiveness already been shown but negative result has been accepted ,
super understand ,
hope 1 day we gonna meet up again ,
friendship last forever ,
sorry if you think i hurt yea feeling but actually we dont have good understanding yet ,
trying my best to understand you seriously but hey ,
you choose the the advance highway road ,
i cant say no more ,
just can look from far ,
choose the right road okay ?
wish yea all the best in life ,
hope ramadhan gonna give us some brilliant relaxin moment to forget and forgive each other ,
i've tried to explain everything to yea but hey you still wont believed me ,
is okay ,
thank you for everything babe ,
wont forget yea ,
hope we gonna meet up soon babe ,
Penang mates right ??
cant wait , hope can knock knock again at coffee bean Q.B time raya ,
make sure 3rd day of raya , gonna give yea a ring ,
Hope can meet up again mates ,
Best Friends forever .
Miss yea so much !
This Picture Gonna Be Good Memory Between Both Of Us .
Feel free to text me when you're okay ?

Im a Jerk right to you ?
sorry ?
im trying my best to understand yea actually ,
hope for forgiveness .
hope 1 day I will get it ,

is okay ,
remember 3rd day of raya okay ?
hope you going to answer my call ,


take care babe .
miss yea Lyna Alfira .

My Besstiee Foreva !