Unexpected Day .

Monday, August 9, 2010

salam ~

heyyy ash ! miss yeaaa so muchhhh !
how r you dude ???
miss you so much . I wanna tell you something gla happen this eve until mlm . adoi .
mmg hell dude ash .mmg hell plus some love , sharing and caring .

is like this .
kan tadi i ckap i nk tido kn ??
hahaha .guess what ??
x ley tido la dude , haha . i g men game bola sampai asar . haha .
then lepas solat . i sambung men lg . haha .
sampai dkt2 maghrib . haha . adoi . seriously ! haha .
syokk gla.
biasa la .nk released tension kot .
haha .dah ym xon . f.b dah vanished from my life . kn ??
but guess what .

1st ~ my ex text me .
she mintak maaf and stuff la .
for what happen in the past and afta few second her bf plak text me .
adoi .ckap sorry for the yesterday dia fire2 at me .
haih ash ! you know me kn ??
right . ?
as usual .tuhan ada mmg cipta hati ni lembut kot .
i x reti nk dendam dkt org langsung la.
then i mcm .adoi .tiba2 bley terima diorg plak la dude . i mcm text ma ex .
give her spirit and jaga her relationship with her new bf and i text her bf that i da lupakan bout yesterday and i mintak dia promise to me to jaga my ex elok2 .
he promised me that .
so xpa la .
i rasa i can move on in happy mood .
is okay . i dunt get the full chocolate bar but at least i got a to taste a sweet memory behind that chocolate bar . right ??
is okay . i ckap dkt diorg 2 org
hope korang 2 org will be happy forever . apa2 refer me .
aik ?
gla pelik kn ?
i plak yg nk bantu for diorg nye relationship padahal i was like will do anything to get back my ex but heyyy , maybe Allah ckap let them go kot to me tadi .
so im like gla boley terima with a brilliant smile .so im like .okay ??
korang have fun . then closed buku salmah .
over !

this is the 6th time been dump by a sharifah cheeks ! congrats aiman ! hahaha .
shut up ash ! hahah .
come on . still no love in ma road .
but heyy .memory with salma with be like forever in ma soul .
2 years and 3 month tuuuu . quite long okay ??
seriously .miss her but now can accept her as my besttie .seriously ??
someone told me this .heyy aiman ! sharifah bukan ada satu okay ??
who know .the true love is out ther somewher .
so , i should wait je ash for now .seriously . should wait . so .
end the love story with salma . tears jap sbb rindu =')

now im good ! back in the normal road .
Happy moment start la dude la tadi at 8pm . WHAT ??
HAHAHA . Football cheers me up superbblyy ! 3-0 la babe ! haha .
so , im quite happy la dude .
beauty moment . enough with football . =)

then at 9pm something .
haha .x penah2 org teringin nk text me .
tiba2 . hahaha .
my adik from j.b , momo , kak nabilah , lyna alfira , amar , tu diaaa .
smua text . with almost the common ques ! haha . apa dia ??
wher is your f.b boy ?? hahahaha
im like f.b ?
what is that ?? hahah .
then im like . ckap . heyy.
i think im dunt need f.b la for now .
why ??
right ash ??
seriously . you r everything to me .
i can make myself smiling here . seriously .
im feeling like im chatting with a person name Ash who stayed in overseas . haha.
it was so much fun tho .

haha .as the clock tickin ! ding dong ding dong ! hahah .
apa lg .?
my stomach callin for pit stop ! haha
lapar la dude . then g la cafe bought nasi lemak 3 bungkus . hahaha .seriously
gla hungry .
pastu .
lepas makan .adoi kenyang gla but seriously just for 30 min .
then ??
kroooookkk ! bunyi lg . adoi .
tension2 , lapar . duit pun dah xda .
nk kna save for goin back k.l this week . haih . seriously damn sad .
pa lg . g to the same cafe again . topup and buy biskut for supper and 100 plus forever . =D
kenyang la skit until now . heeee .
lg x tahan . at the same time . tgh merepek dgn my momo and adik !
text and text and text .
gelak gelak gelak .

trademark apa ???
tarrappaa ! hahaha .
adoi , seriously . i miss damn so much .
i wish i can meet up smua org yg i rindu .
lg2 i da off my f.b kn ??
haih .xpa . 1 day i will meet up smua balik dunt worry .

ramadhan just around the corner kn ?
slmt berpuasa ash ! haha
even u mmg ari2 berpuasa kn ?
heeee . skang i nk g mandi , then i nk g study agama jap .
quiz kot minggu ni .
doakn tau ash . all the best dude ! hope esok new story coming ! hahaha
sronok havin good life with yea .take care dude !
night2 . salam ! ~