night class .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

salammmmmmmmmm ,

hey ash !
how r u dude ??
tuesday ???
always gonna be bad day for me .
nothing good will come on this day .
why ah dude ??
tension duh.
hopefully wednesday goin to be bright , rise and shine .
just came back from night class .
nothing much .
studyin english , next week me gonna have some awesome test .
Account , Maths and English Group Discussion test.
seriously ?
im super not ready.
not in the mood yet la dude .
why la ??
plus today . I lost some of ma good friends .
they like , " duhhhh "
all going away from me .
hate me and what so ever ~
why dude ??
why i cant make people happy ?
i've tried ma best to hit the target but unfortunately its going wide .
shit !
my life is going bad to worst seriously ,
not only in ma normal life and study life but also in ma lovelife .
lovelife ??
empty dude ! zero gravity for sure !
need some space .
never find the right women for me .
why ??
im try to hit some bullet at some of this chicks but smua like respond empty feeling towards me.
who ??
ada la .
L*** , A***** , M*** , A*****
is not im playin boyin to this chicks . No !
im trying to love either one of this chicks but heyyy
everyone of this chicks hit me Zero !
xpa la .
for love , i nk put aside right now.
exam is coming.
tryin to focus up myself .
tu pun susah .
still cant make it .
damn I Hate this !
seriously .
adoi .
What ??
facebook chicks ??
hahaha .
lagi la susah , smua nk yg white2 skin , handsome and cute .
oh me ??
im super hot !
that why im super white right now .
hahahaha .
nahh !
is okay . =D
hope the right one will come soon .
in the mean time , i hope i would be friends with everyone .
seriously I need someone in ma life to like be ma Sunshine , my light but hey.
for now ??
zero gravity as usual .
is okay la.
we will see later okay ??
adoi . im super tired right now.
facebook pun x boley masuk .
haih sigh*
no probs .
tadi in class b4 lecturer masuk I buat my study timetable.
need to sleep early then wake up at 4am. study la.
need to follow that timetable to success in the super boring uitm dungun in terangganu
the environment is totally not ma way of living but need to adapt with this situation tho .
okay la ash , gtg
nk get a rest .
wish me luck .
gonna blog yea 2morrow okay ?
take dude .
salam ! night =D