Monday or Moody ?

Monday, August 9, 2010

salam ~

hey ash !
how r u ??
sihat ke ??
feeling good . ??
sorry dude , totally feel totally upset , sad , hell life and everything .
damn la . adoi .

is like this .
tadi pg . bgn2 dah siap nk g kelas .
kemas2 .
mandi , dah smgt nk go kelas nk study for the 1st time kelas management afta for 1 month 2 weeks x start apa2 lg . All of my other mates kelas lain da study almost to chapter 3 dah . xpa la .
i went la to class and all of sudden , lecturer xda lg . sigh* but i should say this time acceptable la because my lecturer brotha pass away .

whoever read this , sedekah al-fatihah (Al-Fatihah)

done ?
thanks guys . =)
that the 1st part ash , then as soon as class cancel , I straight away went to the library study management on ma own until chapter 3 dah now . Wish me good luck ash ! seriously , its quite tough , im blank in this subject right now because not even start the 1st class yet , is okay .sabar je la . then afta done studyin , I went cafe to buy a waffle . =D

for life 3 month x eat waffle okayy ??
finally dpt jugak !
cheap la . rm2 . sdappp . strawberry and chocolate flavour !
dunt be jealous ash ! chill . heeee .
afta that straight away go my English class at 12pm ,
the lecturer brief us with some Group Discussion stuff , Quite cool . my group was the chosen 1 to present just now . Okay , we done a good job but still need to touch up with ma grammar and pronoun ,=)

afta class , I got text from lyna alfira , she said she hate me , I always make her heart like a ball kick here and there .come on ash ! you know me , im not that kind of person , Is just you know . Need to touch up with my study and with my ex for the past few days then she like angry and hate me forever !
Allah i feel so sad and depressed , already try to text and call her to ask for forgiveness but she off her phone . Is okay , hope when im back in penang i will give her a call and text , just gonna pray everything gonna be like it used to be . Pray for me okay ash ??

then afta class straight away back here , to ma room .
and 2morrow i got quiz , Islamic quiz . damn beauty right ?
apa pun x study lg .haih .hell !
tonight la kot .
give me some inspiration Allah and you ash ! okay ??
gtg , pray and maybe take a nap for a while .
gonna update what happen from eve until midnight later b4 sleep .
see yea ash !
salam ~