Wednesday .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

salaammm .

hey ash !
just wake up actually .
how r u this wednesday morning.
now goin to bath .
and study . test coming.
wish me luck on this day .
ya allah .
at 1st , bgn2 tadi .
happy , g bli makan for sahur .
then continue my day then tadi g bukak f.b .
adoi .
nampak this statement from 1 corner to the another corner said " relax sudeyh "
i know what that means .
so , xpa la .
should start this wednesday morning with a brilliant smile .
xnk la saket2 lg .
yea , admit la . tadi mmg painful bila nmpk that statement but now need to carry on with my life.
ramai lg yg ada dkt luar tu .
I will get someone out there 1 day if panjang umur .
smua Allah yg tetapkan .
if panjang umur and murah rezeki .
if ada , ada la .
seriously . I need someone so badly .
bukan maksud I nk back in love or what .
no no , i mean . someone to refer if got anything . any probs and what so ever .
tu je .
love ??
will come soon .
sbb b4 this dah pernah kna hit kot .
i dah pernah dikecewakan 7 times kot.
sgt2 painful moment .
paling saket ??
6th time .
adoi . 2 years and half couple and all of a sudden .
pufff .bubyeeee !
adoi . xpa la .
rezeki dia without else .
right ?
its like this actually .
skang mmg we r like gla in love . like this .like that .
actually .this can change in few second . how ??
smua ni afta study my mum said .
sbb people r waiting for good jobs.
bila da dpt good jobs then bru bley dpt good women .
why ??
bru bley bela anak org tu .
if x , nk bg dia makan apa cheq oi ??
nasi daun ka ?
hahaha .
so ash . im can smile now .
thanks mum !

and from ma besttie word .
Syed Hassan .
dia ckap .
heyy .bunga bukan sekuntum .
kalu xda rezeki dgn sharifah .
whats the probs .right ?
we r guys .still ley name our kids syed and sharifah right ??
thanks dude !
i know how you feel bila da kna dump dgn sharifah ni .
i da kna 6 kali dude .
so chill okay ??
we r in the same road .
jumpa nnt raya hassan .

so , for me .
right now .
okay its like this ash .
my family asked me to find a sharifah , ive tried my best kot .
6 kali da .
paling lama sharifah ****** but xpa la .
xda rezeki da .
i mcm bukan nk quit on sharifah .
just i rsa im not good to find a sharifah .
ye la.
sharifah ni dia nye status high and mcm2 lg .
right ?
skang ni byk gla sangkut dgn non sharifah .
so if ada rezeki dgn non sharifah .
i terima je ash . we will see how it goes la for now okay ?

skang ni yg i know.
i nk study btul2.
nk larikan diri dari terangganu ni .
ya allah .
bosan tahap ding dong.
xdak life dkt sini .
so , bila xda life .
bila bukak fb. tgk this and that .
mmg layan emosi la kn.
so , its like .
must focus study start today .
please give me strength .
seriously .
start today ,
xnak tggl prayer .
study .
relax .
tu yg paling penting .
what helps me to this ??
thanks you .

okay la .
gtg mandi ni .
4.41am now.
then nk study management .
life starts today.
doakan i tau ??
aminnn .

I think gonna be less skit in f.b da start today.
saket tau if like tgk org nye f.b and comment2 smua .
kan ??
xpa la .
cermin diri kita.
yess sudah .
wahh .sungguh handsome ni .!
hahahaha .
adoi .
okay la.
nnt anything ill keep yea update okay ash ??
just gonna blog je everyday .
relax and throw away tension .
take care ash .
salammm .
good morning .