haiyo , Penat .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salam , =D
today start everything new in my life . haha
today i woke up around 11am then get ready for class la .
adoi , quite tired actually but hey , come on ! Mission need to score fantastic result this semester and inshallah who know my mum will present me a car . =D
A Car ?? Cant you understand people ?? A Car ! haha . Awesomeeee !
That gonna be some superb flip flop present or gift for me .
But before i can dream far , need to score and do well for my coming exam soon .
cant wait . im seriously studyin damn hard and serious this semester .
Brilliant job for me. haha
neva be this kind of hardworking in my life other then football . haha
So , Congrats to me tho , why ? this can be classify as one of the new discover in my life ! haha . cant wait to see my final exam result next semester .
btw , today what happen ?
woke up around 11am , then straight away clean and clear for class .
before i go to class , Uitm Hea Advisor knock and give " Salam " to me in My Room ! Hell No ! What ? SpotCheck ke ??
ni yg benci ni . Da la electrical Sticker didn't buy yet . Adoi , Im Screwed ?? =(
But wait ! he just said " Hi " and asked me what time i want to go to class ? So , I reply to him that I'm Going now like in 5 minutes more . Then he when off . fuh ! Oh Brothaaa !?!?! hahahah .
I was So Lucky ! Thank God Allah .
Aminn and Thank you ! If that spotcheck ?? Im Dead by now . haha .
so , I went to class , study so so well with some new formula in Account Class.
It was brilliant ! Afta Class when to maxis topup shop and bought Hot Ticket because maxis make some valuable offer and run off across the street to get my lunch . Nasi Campur . =D
then back to my campus and now im in my room .
writing this blog but gtg now . Why ?
got class still at 5pm .
so , need to go pray and shower .
Byeee ~

To Be Continue Tonight . =D