Accounting , What Have To Do With Me ? Let me tell you .

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yesterday ,
Afta my account Class I nearly get stroke .
Why ?
Afta Account Class . Need Some Fresh Air and Loveone .
But Thing turn Upside Down , I was thinking a very sweet Good Morning Welcome But It turned to be a Very Disaster Goodbye Wave .
Seriously , I Hurt Me So Much .
As Usual , i Was thinking that im strong to handle this thing for the 2nd time but guess what ?
pufff , this thing hit me hard afta 9pm just now .
seriously , now Im back as usual , you know .
Sick Life . Fever , Flu and everything.
seriously , my body feel very2 weak , I was thinking that I can handle this in awesome and cool way but im in pain . Not from the Outer part but from the Inner Part .
Painful it is .
I wish to all who read this wont feel what Ive just gone with here .
I wish you guys out there gonna have some brilliant and awesome life !
Please , Dont even have a feeling of trying this shit . Ive been hit twice Double bullet direct Shot in my heart .
My heart cant pump it well right now.
I hope Later a brilliant sleep will get me away from this Painful shot of life .
Take Care to this Person .
Wish This person all the best in life .
Im Happy Because been given a chance to be with this person .
Even for couple of years time .
It was a sweet Memory tho .
Thanks ~