Ferrero .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

salammmmmmmmmm , Yaa Azul !

Just done skype'in with ma besttie ferrero from Sevilla ( Spain )
x sangka my besttie that I used to play football together also been hit the same probs like me yesterday .
shittt !
mmg this month is month for people kena dumb ke ?
pity him but seriously ,
But his word really really really Inspire Me Superb High In The Air ! !

" Hey Aiman , listen . People Cry and Feel Sad When They Lost Their Loveone But Just remember This , Eventho We Lost them , They Want To Choose Their Way , They Want Us To Let Them Go . Okay Fine , Force In Love Is Not The Solution . So , Better We Let them Go But Remember This Aiman , We Got Something That Forever Will Be wiTH Us Other the God "

Actually aku terpikiaq gak , apakah benda itu ?

" I Asked him . What is it Ferrero ? "

and He Said
" B.A.R.C.E.L.O.N.A "

Im Like Straight Away , Yaaaaaaaa Sallaammmmmmmm Yaa Ferrero ! Ur Right ! ! !
We got our talent with us and we got 1 thing that everyone do have in common and this thing will always be with us wherever we go that is " Football "

behind that " Football " word we got 1 club that always will be for their fans and always play and show to the world the true meaning and how to play football the right way and make everyone happy is F.C Barcelona !

Seriously Ferrero , Eventho Just 15 min Video Call With you I feel like I meet you face to face Live same like we used to be when we meet up in Sunrise McD Penang when we watched Barcelona vs Real Madrid Game together .

You Make My Day ! and thank you for the awesome awesome awesome Pictures From you .
Seriously , I will go to Europe .
Inshallah , seriously I will .
Thank You So Much Ferrero .