Sunday, September 19, 2010

bru je back from me , was plannin to study alone but bump up with solehah .seriously , super awesome stdying english with plus i cn forget and get away my sad mood . Guess what ? She replied my text . Yahoo ! Im back with ma hapy mood .now at masjid ,just done with my asar prayer . This friday , inshalah . Friday ! Im gonna end up everything . I wont giveup yet . Wil try my best to get that love . Wallahy she dserve a guy that cn take cre of her and she dserve hapiness . I wil try my best to get that position . Enough with crying , its time to make urself happy . Inshallah dgn berkat ALLAH . If im the one , she wil accept me without no reason . We wil see this friday , im going to end up everything . Inshallah ameen she going to choose me .