Differences Between Being A High School Student And A University Student

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A High School Student and A University Student share the same common goal:teaching students to learn. But the truth is, there are a lot of differences between A University Student and A High School Student. In fact,A University Student and A High School Student are completely different experiences. And the list goes deeper than the no-duh: many students (although not all) live at University and none (with the exception of those who go to boarding school) live at High School.

Most students who go to University choose to be there. I'm sure there are some exceptions, but for the most part, people aren't writing thousands of dollars' worth of checks to a University if they don't want to be there. So, those kids in High School who ditched school or spent the school day smoking behind the dumpster probably won't be attending University.

One of the biggest changes between High School and University is attendance. In High School , Kids are penalized for missing class but in University some lecturer count attendance but the truth is most don't. A lot of professors couldn't care less if a student shows up for class, although a lot of professors offer extra credit or will bump grades from B and A for students who attended class every day.

Based on my explaination and views, we can say that there are quite a large number of differences between High School and University students.

For me as a student in University Teknologi Mara (Uitm) Dungun Currently,2 weeks im here , 1 week for orentation and last week was my 1 week of class , so far so good. I get to know my classmates , lecturers and some building that we can call it as our study references . haha ! ,I can feel that it has changed my lifestyle from a lazy boy to quite a dicipline person again as a little refresh of my High School life but hey ! University life is totally difference from what I had been through in my High School life. Lets make some flashback here, I used to wake up before the sun could say "Hi! or Good Morning!" to the world.For what ? Im going to High School people. Haha ! A young person I was at that time .Yes, High School starts at 7.25 a.m and end at 2pm. But now, I can open my eyes 2 hours before my University class start.Im not saying its going to be everyday at 8am , No ! its going to be like what its has been shown in my semester timetable.

Leaving High School and entering post-secondary study is a big adjustment for students. If the student is aware of some of these differences, he/she will be better prepared for the changes in attitudes and behaviors necessary. Some of the differences can be:

  • Classes are usually bigger and there are a lot more students on campus
  • Instruction is mainly lecture method with students taking notes
  • Students need to be more self-directed and are expected to be more independent.
  • Student progress and attendance is not closely monitored by the instructors.
  • There is less contact with instructors, less individual feedback and less time is spent in class.
  • Group projects are often required so you will have to work well with other students.
  • Time management and planning are critical to success

For conclusion ,I can say that Being A High School Student Or A University Student is totally important and it play a big role in a student life. We gonna start everything in High School life , learn everything with formal rules furthermore we are under guardian and teachers guide to be a successful person after High School . After High School , Its gonna be University or sometimes College but people rather choose University then college . Why ? The diploma or degree that the student graduate from University it totally rates a the highest thing that a student need so that the student can use it to apply jobs after study life .