Tuesday, October 12, 2010

gud morning .
Yesterday was past .
Today present .
Tomorrow future .

Aiman , apa yg penah dkatakan amati awa dlu mmg btoi . Should listen to her from the beginning . My mum n my aunty r my idol now .

Syamimi , salmah , alawiah , sap .
Saya syed muhammad aiman sini brjanji x akan gangu hdup korang da . Yg nak kamu tahu . Aiman not a liar , aiman not a cheater . Aiman not a bad guy . Aiman x fitnah org . Please stop . Dunt judge me begitu . I think we should be away for the time being . Time will cure everything . Thx for everything in the past . It was beautiful . It was gorgeous . Wont forget anything . Nak korang jaga diri . Take care . Gudluck in everything . Allah test me here . I kna terima , it was painful to lost someone important in ma life . Tp ada hikmah allah test me mcm ni . Kta wait n see apa hikmah yg brilliant . All in the future .just wait . Tu ja . Be cool and happy always . Smile in pain or hapy . Salam .